Product Development

To ensure direct design translation into finish product, we built our product development facility and mass production facility under one roof.  When developing new products, we launch process to eliminate waste and improve the time to market.  We strive to shorten the time to market by doing fewer activities, fewer products, and by reducing iterative design changes.  This cuts down the total process from an idea generated to the time when the final product launch.

With 3D rendering designed to exact scale, we are able to cut cost on material, labor, and opening moulds during the product development stage.

We keep detail records of technical specifications through out the product development cycle to ensure direct design and material translation into mass production.                                                                                                                                           

All expenses are recorded and monitored to make sure the shoe cost stay in line with the cost management plan.  We are actively providing our customers with informations where we think we can cut production cost.                                                                              


In this digital era, most footwear manufactures face critical IT modernization issues.  We actively assess our IT landscape (systems, people, and processes) and how we can change for the better.  We started executing our digitalizing plans beginning 2016.5 so our customers can gain better insights to what is going on inside the manufacture.  Soon, you will be able to gain access to the following:


Material Library

Last Library

Outsole Library

Hardware Library