Quality Control

We take full responsibility for the product we produce and will never sell products of unreasonable quality. There are 257 management staff and 121 quality control staffs dedicate their time to minimize defect during mass production. O’Leer mass production process consist of 7 critical quality control checks: raw materials, cutting, skiving, upper construction, bottom construction, assembly, and last but not least random selection of bulk finished goods.  


In our testing facility, we check for:


  • Fatigue resistance of shoe heels

  • Attachment strengths of decorative

  • Attachment strengths of straps

  • Resistance of heels to high impact load

  • Sole Abrasion – Heel attachment

  • Peel strength of footwear sole bonds

  • Upper to sole adhesion

  • Slip Resistance

  • Durometer Hardness